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Gear sets Auction

Several years ago the MOC commissioned and had manufactured 2nd and 3rd loose and the 2nd and 3rd sliding gears which would be compatible and suitable to repair the original  Sachs 200 gear box. The project was a major undertaking and a considerable amount of time and effort was put in by Roger Adams to make this happen. There has been a continuing demand for these parts, but the original manufacturers involved have not been able to assist us in producing further supplies.

Several years ago the Messerschmitt Club Deutschland took an alternative approach by supplying virtually complete gearboxes. Although the individual component parts from these could not be interchanged with an original Sachs gearbox, the entire set is suitable to completely replace a worn out or broken gearbox in any Sachs 200 AZL-R engine casing from the full period of production (1955 to 1964). 

The MOC purchased at least 3 sets of these gears, one of which was fitted by Derek Cole into an engine for Yvonne Jaques, which she has successfully used for many years. The MOC still has 2 unused sets of these gears in stock which are available to members. To enable the MOC to try to invest in commissioning new 2nd  and 3rd gears again, we are offering these for sale.  As there are only 2 sets it has been decided to offer these to all members on a sealed bid auction basis.  We have been unable to find exactly how much the MOC originally paid for these parts and so our normal pricing system cannot be applied.  Similar gear sets are currently available in Germany for around 1,700.

Although the 2 sets up for auction come without any guarantees, the fact that they have performed well for others is a good indication of quality. A reserve for each set of £1,100 was agreed at the NEC AGM meeting, so only offers in excess of this amount will be considered. Bids should be sent to the MOC Partsmart Center by 12th July, and the bids will be reviewed at the Kettering Rally where the successful bidders will be announced.  These gear sets are offered with new genuine F&S bushes and thrust washers but please note that the mainshaft is an excellent condition used part. 

Please ensure that you bid includes your name and contact details so that we can confirm safe receipt and so we may verify that your membership is current. Please include an email address for the MOC to confirm receipt of your bid. In the event of a successful bid, payment can be made using any of the normal payment methods available through Partsmart.  You may present your bid by email (mocpartsmart@gmail.com) or letter

Photos of the parts are shown below.  If you have any questions please contact David Garner by email or phone using the contact details inside the cover of this magazine.


Site Upgrade

Over the next few weeks the site will be undergoing upgrades. If you encounter any issues you may have to refresh your cache. Here are some instructions on how to do this for different browsers:

How to refresh your cache for Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11

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You should then restart your browser, you will know if you have succeeded as the site will prompt you to accept a cookie 

If doing this does not solve your issues, then please send an email to ryangrnr@live.co.uk and I will reply as soon as possible.

2015 Rally Information

 Messerschmitt Owners’ Club - Annual Rally Kettering – 16-19 July 2015

 Full copies of this article can be downloaded here:

In 2015 we celebrate 60 years since the introduction of the KR200 with some early and rare cars attending.  Our rally is a 4-day event based at Wicksteed Park, Barton Road, Kettering, NN15 6NJ on 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th July 2015.  Don’t worry if you cannot attend for all the 4 rally days, there is something to do and a lot to see on each day.  You can also extend your stay before or after the rally and organisers are on site from 15th to 20th July.

All facilities including camping, the social evenings, and dinner on Saturday 18th will be within the grounds of Wicksteed park see http://www.wicksteedpark.co.uk/. It is also possible to stay on site in one of Wicksteed’s luxury timber lodges:  http://wicksteedpark.org/stay-with-us/

This year's rally programme features scenic guided drives on pleasant country roads to three major places of interest - come along with us!

Read more: 2015 Rally Information

Phil Boothroyd 1929 - 2014

Phil BoothroydIt is with much sadness that I have to announce that our President, Phil Boothroyd passed away in hospital in the early hours of the 13th August.
Nowadays, probably only a small number of members will be aware of the huge influence that Phil's painstaking work in his 54 years as a Club officer has had on the structure and strengths of the MOC as it exists today.
Phil was at the forefront of every significant development in the evolution of the UK Messerschmitt movement. He was present at the very first Messerschmitt Rally at Wicksteed Park in 1959. By 1964 he was MOCGB Club Chairman and years later, liaising with Les Tilbury, was heavily involved in the merging of the two main British clubs. This went on to become 'The International Federation of Messerschmitt Clubs', another of Phil's far sighted ideas. Later on he spent probably a couple of years meticulously composing the Constitution document for what, by this time, had simply become the 'MOC'. This document now forms the basis of MOC Ltd's Memorandum & Articles of Association.
Phil's funeral will be held at Robin Hood Cemetery, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull B90 3NL on Wednesday 3rd September at 2:30 pm.  It will be a Humanist ceremony and dress code is informal. There will be a buffet afterwards at The Woodman's Rest, Union Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 3DB. No flowers please, any donations can be made to the RNLI. Anyone is welcome, of course, but if you think might attend the buffet can you please let Ron Soley know on 01527 455198.


Welcome to the rebuilt MOC website.  The Messerschmitt Owners’ Club has an unbroken history stretching back to 1956 in the days when our members were able to buy new Messerschmitts and use them as daily transport. Formed largely for social purposes around regular meets and a magazine the club’s ethos gradually changed after the cars went out of production in 1964 and spare parts supply started to become a problem.

In 2005 the MOC became a limited company. MOC Ltd is a company whose liabilities are limited by guarantee. The club currently has five directors, but there is no limit on this number. The club has to hold an Annual General Meeting at which all full members will be able to vote on who the directors are to be in future. 

Messerschmitt Owners’ Club - Annual Rally Kettering – 17-20 July 2014

The 2014 Rally is a 4-day event based at Wicksteed Park, Barton Road, Kettering, NN15 6NJ on 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th July 2014. This 147 acre  (59 Ha) site hosted the MOC rally for no less than 22 consecutive years from 1959 to 1981 when the rally was moved to another site in the town that had camping facilities.  Our final rally in Kettering was in 1988 ending our 29 year relationship with the town.  Initially supported in 1959 by the U.K importer Cabin Scooter Assemblies, the event hosted Messerschmitt fans from all over the world and especially Germany.  Although some of the site features are still recognisable, the original cycle track where the MOC rallies were held is now a funfair arena and is just 250m from our rally field.

All facilities including camping, the social evenings, and dinner on Saturday 19th will be within the grounds of Wicksteed park see http://www.wicksteedpark.co.uk/.

This year's rally programme features scenic guided drives on pleasant country roads to three major places of interest - come along with us!

Read more: Messerschmitt Owners’ Club - Annual Rally Kettering – 17-20 July 2014


An account on this website is not automatically created for you when you join the Club, so if you do not already have an account you will need to go through the registration process to set up a new account by clicking on 'Create an account' below and then completing and submitting the registration form. Please also note that registering for an account does not, in itself, confer membership status upon you.An Account is needed for buying products from Partsmart and for writing reviews. You do not need an account to view any part of the site.This site has been recently redeveloped and existing registrations were not carried over to the redeveloped site. Therefore, all accounts made on the old site need to be recreated.