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Written by David Garner   
Saturday, 24 July 2004

Members should expect to find their parts purchases readily usable and free of major defects. Faulty parts will normally be replaced from stock but please remember there is no MOC quality control department and we do not have a customer service department to investigate your problem. Helga does not normally have the specialist skills to comment on any defects and such cases are usually passed on to our volunteers, (normally me), to handle. Any defects should be reported in a timely manner. This is especially difficult for some members restoring a car over a period of many months or perhaps even years! It is quite unreasonable to return parts bought more than six months previously and expect something to be done about it. In some cases, parts have been returned after more than one year from the date of purchase. Fortunately, MOC Partsmart is not a commercial business but relies on the goodwill of many volunteers. To keep this good service, and reasonable prices, there will be times when we ask for your patience and understanding.

1358 Suspension arm complete left and right Each arm is fully assembled with a new rubber suspension unit (1336), king pin bushes accurately line bored, and a grease nipple. In researching this project it was found that there are many variations in the various angles of the welded components and this probably accounts for the variation in handling between different cars of the same year and chassis number range. For this reason, the suspensions are offered as matched pairs only. Thanks to Russel Church and Brian Perry for their extensive work and research in preparing this project.

Note that FMR part numbers for these parts are 1358re and 1335li. MOC will use just 1358 as the suspensions will be sold only as matched pairs.

1351 Front Suspension Washer. This special dished shaped washer is fitted both sides of the suspension arm with a total of 4 per car.

1355 Shock Absorber Mounting Plate This plate is fitted to the upper shock absorber and is fastened to the wing mounting bolts. Many are now very corroded and this part is re-produced better than original from laser cut components that are then jig welded.

1354 Steering lever securing plate. This plate is used to lock the two bolts holding the front stub axle assembly onto the main steering arm. It is a critical safety item and failure to install it could lead to total steering failure. Many are now heavily corroded and this part is re-produced better than original from laser cut components. The plate is fitted under the two securing bolts (next to the kingpin), and the extreme ends of the plate are then bent up against the flats of the bolts, preventing them from becoming unscrewed.

1336 Rubber suspension insert This is a completely new front suspension insert is jointly developed with MEC. This part is re-produced better than original from laser cut components that are then jig welded. Ready to insert in the suspension arm following the instructions in the workshop manual.

1068 Steering Column Support Bracket This part supports the steering column to the instrument panel. To fit it will require removal of the steering bar from the column shaft. This is often necessary for the extensive restorations on cars that have been rescued from outside storage in damp conditions. These are new original factory components with limited quantities.

1306 Door lock handle (interior) Made with a square section hole to fit the inside of the door lock inside the cabin. These are new original factory components in factory finish aluminium with limited quantities available.

1715 Wing Mirrors per pair (left and right hand). Uwe Stauffenberg (Goggo Club) has done all the hard work in having these excellent replacement mirrors manufactured in Indonesia. This was joint MOC / MCD / Goggo Club privately financed project and is the result of around two years work. Now we have to report some small quality weaknesses that were not apparent in the pre-production samples. The anodised finish of these mirrors is not what it should be and the plating may fail in certain atmospheric conditions. We have no possibility to make a claim against our supplier and we regret that MOC cannot consider any claims for failed plating on past or future sales.. We recommend that you smear petroleum jelly over all the mirror plated surfaces for the duration of storage.

1527a Headlamp rim ? Chrome finish This is a new batch of chrome rims developed with the help of Lawrence House. Suitable for all KR200/1 and KR 175 up to 1957. (Later cars have the aluminium rim also available from Partsmart).

1540 Rear lamp oval rubber This is a completely new production developed by Midlands member, Lawrence Thorpe. A direct copy of the Hella original and made of modern long life ozone resistant rubber.

0376 Original moulded plug gasket, another completely new production part developed by Midlands member, Lawrence Thorpe. Moulded in high temperature resistant rubber, this part is used to seal the air gaps around the spark plug reducing the heating effect to the fuel tank from escaping hot air. This is especially important with the high aromatic fuel available today where fuel vaporisation is common. Keeping the hot air in at this point ensures it is discharged downwards via the left engine cowl thus reducing overheating problems. Suitable for all spark plug connector types but requires more force to fit the metal shrouded connector below.

0290 Spark plug connector metal shroud. Original type metal shrouded spark plug connector ? makes a leak free seal around the spark plug rubber. Messerschmitts were fitted with both types of connector and the shrouded type was always used where the engine was open to the elements on other types of vehicles using the Sachs engine.

1467 Petrol tank cap One member has suggested that these may not have ventilation included to allow air to replace fuel used. However, investigation shows that all our stock is inscribed with the words "mit l?ftung" ? meaning with vent. "ohne l?ftung" means without vent and if you fit one of these your car will run only a few miles between stops. A sudden rush of air is the clue that the cap vent is not working. The vents are small holes between the inner and outer located between the cap cover and inner flange. They are designed to vent while allowing only the smallest amount of polluting vapour to escape and will contain the fuel within the tank if the car should ever be turned on its side. It could be possible for the vents to become blocked with debris or corrosion so always check this in case of suspected venting problems.

Part No 0113 Trim Set Postage or shipping is not included but can be arranged at extra cost. This is the standard trim set for all KR200 models 1959 ? 64. Other trim sets are available including KR 200 ?export? versions, KR175, and Tg 500. Individual trim components can also be made to order. Contact Roger and Penny Clements for a quotation 01725 511716

1275 a Speedometer cable inner We have received a number of complaints about the difficulty of fitting this cable and some have been returned damaged. The reason is that there are some variations in the length between the outer sheath of the complete cable part No 1275. If the inner cable is too long for the outer, the inner cable is likely to be damaged by the excessive length being forced into either the speedo head or the drive connection on the chain case.

The solution is to fit the drive end first, raise the rear wheel off the ground and run the engine changing up through the gears to check the cable operates smoothly and quietly at higher speeds. Carefully cut the inner cable at the speedo end so that the cable enters just enough into the square section of the speedo head. It will be necessary to carefully re-form the square section. The objective should be to transmit drive to the speedo head without applying pressure to the delicate internal bearings. If you have any doubts about your ability to complete the above procedure, then you should buy a complete speedo cable, Part No 1275.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1275a Speedometer cable inner is for use in cables supplied by MOC during the past ten years. It is not suitable for use in cables originally manufactured for FMR. Replacement inner cables are not available for this type and you must buy a complete new cable ? Part No 1275.

0021 Main Bearings. Partsmart stock has the designation NJ 205 EC3 NA. The C3 note refers to the tolerance of the roller inner and outer. Because the Sachs engine is split horizontally, and to take account of different rates of expansion and contraction, this loose C3 tolerance is applied. If standard C tolerance bearings are used, there may be some difficulty in assembling or dismantling the crankcase halves. However, there is some overlap of the tolerances and it is possible to use the tighter tolerance bearings if care is taken in assembly.

Special Offer Partsmart has a number of standard C tolerance bearings that require more care and attention on assembly. If you feel you have the necessary engineering skills to fit these bearings, they are available at a special price of ?17.50 a pair. (Half price).

1540 Rear lamp oval rubber This is a completely new production developed by Midlands member, Lawrence Thorpe. A direct copy of the Hella original and made of modern long life ozone resistant rubber. Important Note: There are some Messerschmitts, produced around early 1957 that have slightly different rear lights. These have a rear lamp rubber approximately 6mm thick at the edges and a different oval shape to match a slightly different rear light. Partsmart does not stock this type of rubber and replacements are probably unobtainable.

Gears and gearbox parts are always expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain. If you do not drive your car regularly or never on long distances, you may need some help to explain what is acceptable wear. When set up correctly, the Sachs gearbox will work well even with very worn gears. Bearing surfaces need to be in good condition but worn gear teeth will simply make a noise. 1807 engine manual ?5.50 Includes many detailed photographs and valuable advice on how to look for wear on gears and what to do about it. It should be used in conjunction with 1805 Sachs engine parts list ?3.25. This shows the position of all the relevant shims, spacers, and bearings.

1571 Main Fuse Protect your Messerschmitt from an electrical fire. Partsmart now offers an in line fuse of 30 amps rating to protect this circuit. Simply disconnect the large red wire from the terminal strip located at the rear bulkhead, insert one wire of the fuse-holder into the vacant terminal and re-connect the red wire into the terminal provided with the fuse holder. One additional spare 30amp fuse is provided with the holder and the standard replacements can be obtained throughout the world.

1569 Terminal Block Front Now back in stock - original black moulded terminal block that carries the connections for the main wiring harness from the body tube to the front wiring and fuse box assembly. Almost identical to the original and fits in the same position and hole centres.

1570 Terminal Block Rear Now back in stock - similar to the original black moulded terminal block that carries the connections for the main wiring harness from the black box to the body tube. Fits in the same position and hole centres but needs 2 12mm x 2.5 screws and nuts to fasten it on, (these are not supplied - the originals had moulded in studs).

1542 Red oval rear lens Completely new MOC stock. This new lens assembly has the original type aluminium holder that is folded into the steel rear lamp assembly. With these parts you can restore your rear lamps as new. They contain the two focussing lenses for the rear and brake lights, (or flashers on British versions). Fitted to all KR 200's from 1955 to 1964. Note that British supplied cars have two additional outer 'torpedo' lamps to comply with British lighting regulations, (currently out of stock).

0243a ? Wing piping (silver ? metre) & 0243b ? Piping (silver ? metre) (see Partsmart news Feb 2000 for application notes). Please note that this item should be ordered in whole metre lengths only. Ordering part metre lengths is difficult to prepare, time consuming, and complicates the final cost calculation.

1461 ? petrol tank grommet A completely new MOC part reproduced exactly as original. This rubber assembly seals the fuel tank filler neck to the body preventing ingress of water or spilt fuel.

1002a Seat runner spring This spring locks the seat catch in position on the runners, preventing it moving while driving.

1534 dip switch Similar to the original part, this switch fits the same mounting hole centres and is a direct replacement.

1278 ? FMR circles nose badge Suitable for Messerschmitts built by FMR from 1957 to 1959. Approximate chassis number range is 64000 to 69465. If your car still has the original chassis vehicle identification plate, the FMR emblem will have the letters contained within circles. If the letters are within diamonds, you need 1280 FMR nose badge. If your car was built by RSM Messerschmitt Werke (chassis number lower than 64000), you need the bird emblem badge. We are currently looking for a supplier to make this early nose badge. Please contact David Garner with any possible manufacturer information.

1278 ? Petrol Tap Most Messerschmitts are unused for the winter months allowing sediment to settle in the fuel tank and petrol tap. Fuel starvation from a restricted fuel tap is a major cause of poor running and vapour bubbles in the fuel pipe. Don?t be caught out this season ? replace the petrol tap to be sure the fuel reaches the carburettor. While you are there, check the fuel pipe follows a gentle curve when the rear bonnet is shut. There should be a clip holding the pipe on the rear bolt of the centre engine mounting and the pipe should then continue down entering the carburettor horizontally.

Reversing relay Original new SIBA reversing relay suitable for all KR200 models including those fitted with BOSCH electrical system. This multi-pole relay contains two sets of heavy-duty changeover contacts that reverse the polarity of the starter circuit enabling the dynastart to rotate in the reverse direction. An additional set of light duty changeover contacts bring the reverse ignition contact breakers into operation. All connections are exactly as original allowing direct replacement of your existing relay.

1564 Voltage Regulator (SIBA) This is an original SIBA factory part and is a direct replacement for the factory fitted SIBA regulator and fits all KR200 and KR175 models. It can also be fitted to the later 'Black Box' system that uses BOSCH components. If used to replace a BOSCH regulator, the backplate will need to be drilled and tapped M5 as the hole centres are slightly different for the two types. Note that the voltage regulator is set to a slightly higher output with this type to allow more frequent starts and use of a larger battery. This should not affect the majority of users and the only ones who need be concerned are those using small batteries of less than 18 Ampere hours AND driving continuously for over 1 hour. For most of us, the additional output is a welcome feature. For those who understand electrical systems, the higher output is achieved by a lower value of fixed resistance in the voltege regulator. When the normal operating voltage is reached, the field charging contact is opened bring the resistor into operation. Use of a lower value of resistance increases the field current producing a higher output.

1564 Condenser (SIBA) This is an original new SIBA factory part and is a direct replacement for the factory fitted SIBA condenser and fits all KR200 and KR175 models. A defective condenser will cause a weak spark and the contact breakers will wear out prematurely.

1274 Speedo Ring. We now have speedometer components available. This is the chromed bezel that fits around the speedometer giving a decorative finish and adding some decoration to the dashboard. The original bezel is very difficult to remove without damage and very few are now seen with good chrome plating. Suitable for all models from late 1957 and can also be used on cars built before then by RSM Messerschmitt Werke. (This earlier speedometer has a more conventional rounded profile). An excellent way to finish off your restoration while taking the opportunity to polish the glass on both sides and carefully clean the speedo face.

1274a SpeedoGlass Now there is no need to worry about breaking the glass when dismantling the speedo. A new glass will also transform those heavily scratched from years of mis-use.

1541 Light Switch This original Hella switch has been unavailable for many years and a special purchase allows them to be offered through Partsmart and at a lower price than the substitute Bosch switch described below. Suitable for all models from late 1957 and can also be used on cars built before then by RSM Messerschmitt Werke. (The earlier type was similar to the Bosch unit offered below under part number 1541a. It was ivory coloured with a central off position having parking lights switched to the left and headlights with parking lights switched to the right). The new switch is exactly as original except for the groove cut into the switch centre which is used to aid identification of the on position. Lights are off when the groove is in the vertical position. This groove could be reproduced by carefully cutting the switch actuator with a fine saw, painting in the groove with a modeller?s paintbrush. Of course, the switch can also be used exactly as supplied and it looks fine.

1541 Light Switch This Bosch switch suitable for all models up to late 1957 and can also be used on later cars built by FMR. (The earlier type was ivory coloured with a central off position having parking lights switched to the left and headlights with parking lights switched to the right). Until the introduction of the Hella switch described above, this was the only switch available with a similar mounting arrangement. It has a black actuator and is only vaguely similar to the early RSM type. Available in limited quantities and will not be replaced when stocks are exhausted.

1632 - Perspex Polish Owners of Perspex domes and side windows (Perspex or the new moulded knob Lexan type), will want to keep them clean and sparkling. This 250ml pump action spray contains enough polish to last many seasons. Simply spray on and buff up with a soft cloth for a sparkling finish.

1326 & 1326a ? Perspex dome ? blue tint MOC normally keeps a good stock of clear perspex domes. These are cheaper than the above blue tint version and perhaps that is why we receive few enquiries for tinted domes. These were fitted to most FMR built cars from 1959. Note that the domes are collect only (from Hertfordshire), but may be brought to a Club event at members risk. All domes are supplied oversize and must be cut to fit ? not a job for the faint hearted due to the fragile nature of the dome when out of the frame. When fitted in the frame, the dome has considerable strength - as reported in last months Kabinews article describing a roll over accident where the dome survived with a few scratches. A factory picture exists of a group of workers standing on a dome to demonstrate its strength! Fitting is described in the KR200 workshop manual, (Pt.no 1806, ?7.50 from Partsmart). Material is removed as described in the manual until the dome fits the frame close to the inner frame edge. I have used a grinder for this job but the most effective is an abrasive flap-wheel in an electric drill used in the manner described in the manual. A considerable amount of dust is generated and it may be preferable to do this job outside. Overseas members should note that shipping requires a packing case and finished shipping weight is around 60Kg with a shipping cost of around ?300. One of our members took a dome back to Argentina as personal baggage, packed in a cardboard case, but even this took hours to pack and several giant cardboard cases.

Dashboard Warning Lamps. The lamps currently supplied have a black plastic base bezel which is visible beneath the lens assembly. The original lenses were flush with the dashboard. It is possible to modify the lamps for an original appearance by cutting the plastic bezel to allow the lens to fit flush to the dashboard.

Connecting rod bush Original Sachs type for Aluminium conrods. Note: only two oil holes are drilled to suit early types. Purchasers must drill two additional holes to line up with the oil ways. A reamer is also required to finish the size.

Connecting Rods Roller bearing big and small end bearings with steel conrod. Ready to fit to crankshaft assembly. Note: this is a really specialist job not recommended for anyone who does not have access to an extensive range of precision engineering measuring equipment. Buy an exchange Crankshaft instead!

0019 Connecting Rod Bosch

0018 Connecting Rod Siba

1275a speedometer cable inner . This is a replacement inner cable for the 1275 speedometer cable. Note: It does not fit the original FMR cable. If this type is broken, you must buy a complete new cable.

1704 windscreen KR200 New joint project with MCD has produced new supplies at a lower price taking advantage of the strong pound.

1705 windscreen KR201 ?105 New screens for the rare KR201. Complete with mounting holes for the pillar supports.

Rubber parts - Safety Warning - Our latest batch of rubber parts have been manufactured us a lubricnt which is mildly corrosive. Normally, this will not be harmful during handling but may cause eye irritation if you rub your eyes after handling the parts. The solution is to wash your hands immediately after handling the rubber.

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